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Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Test mail. Test mail. One. Two. Three.

Okay I've always wanted to try this mail2blogger thing but never did. So this is probably my first post from mail2blogger. This isn't that different than using blogger dashbord itself though.

Mail2Blogger feature has been there for so long. But since I never had a full time internet access through my phone, I don't really have the need to post it from my mail.

It's a bit easier to write using email application. That is depends on your app though. I'm currently using the native email app for my samsung tab. It don't have rich text editor-which means that it's boring-but who care about rich text huh? And I haven't got any idea how to put images in this email. I probably can't anyway. 

It is easier because I don't have to wait for blogger to load, since it blog post editor isnt really a light script. I often don't post anything through my phone to any of my blogs. Only when in time of desperation! But if I do it this way-using mail2blogger-I might continue to do it like this. Well that is a big MAYBE.

To use this feature go to your blog Settings > Mobile and email > Email > Fill in the secret word for your email setting. You will be sending to this email. Start sending your email entry!

That is all. Thank you. Good day.

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