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Sunday, October 4, 2015


I've been itching to do something for weeks now. To make it worst is that I don't even realize what exactly is that 'something'. Now I know, that I just have to write and update solslum.

I'm very aware by now that I can't update the blog constantly unless I have extra-extra free time for the day. Just like what happen all through the year, I can't seem to update this blog if I had something else to do.

I felt disconnected sometimes. As if I don't have anything to say when in reality I should be having alot to say.

Although I'm pretty certain that writing is not the only thing that itching me from inside out. I can't seem to process anything at the moment. Everything I do didn't give me any contentment. 

It's one of the thing that I loathe very much. I practically do not feel any self-satisfaction at the moment but still itching to do something.

This is the start of another cycle of depression. Though I have the very mean to break it before it becomes serious. I'm planning to do alot of thing this week, even though it does not bring me out of the house much, but still, doing anything is better than staying on bed.

I've learned that I can fight depression by being animated and be optimistic, or do anything that I supposedly love. Even if I'm feeling worthless all the time, but I should keep doing it and be glad. It's not easy, but it might help sometime.

1 comment:

  1. ahh the same feeling i had sometimes. for my it's apart of my cycle. sometimes i feel that way sometimes not. I know exactly what you felt but hey, stay happy and smile always! xx