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Friday, October 16, 2015

RandomQ: What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

I wanted to update solslum but lack with anything to share due to my current situation. So I went to look for some random question.

I'm sure that everyone loves to eat ice cream. Even if some people often refuse to eat such cold sweet, they can't deny that ice cream can make their heart feels greatly fuzzy.

When I was little, I remember demanding a small box of Milo flavored ice cream every time my mother bring me along to grocery shopping. But as time went by, that particular brand got a little more and more expensive. That probably have something to do with the economy at that time, but I've learned to not demand such treat so regularly.

Still, you can't deny the existence of that sweet tooth cavity named ice cream! Every once in a while my father will brought home a larger box of it. Often it was vanilla and/or chocolate flavored, but as we got older Mint is the new family-favorite ice cream flavor!

When I was still in the secondary school, I was introduced to the vendor they called Koperasi. They start selling ice cream at some point and my favorite ice cream to buy for the rest of my day in the school was the choco tip! A chocolate flavored ice cream, it was cheaper than most of the stuff they're selling and I just can't pass it by.

I come to realize that we haven't eaten any mint flavored ice cream in the recent months. Probably because we do not eat much ice cream anymore or the Mint stock is getting fewer in this part of the country. 

I always thought that whoever invented ice cream probably lived in an iced land and accidentally spill a very sweet liquid on it, then ate it—for whatever reason—and found that it actually taste quite good. They just need to add a little cream on the ice. Seems legit. Ha!

So what is your favorite ice cream flavor? 

Good day, thanks for reading!

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